Boost Mobile Insurance Review (2024): Cost and Service

Boost Mobile is a renowned wireless service provider that offers a host of mobile services across the US, including mobile phone sales. Owned by Dish Wireless, Boost Mobile now provides phone insurance to aid in the protection of customer devices from certain risks and damage.


Boost Mobile insurance ensures your phone is well repaired or totally replaced if it gets stolen, lost, or damaged due to an accident. The company also promises to extend its coverage even when there is liquid damage to your phone or when the device experiences a mechanical or electrical breakdown after the original manufacturer’s warranty period.

Their phone insurance plans are grouped into three: Boost Shield, Boost Protect, and Boost Protect – with AppleCare Services. All plans start at different prices and coverage levels. The Boost Shield monthly rates begin at $7, while the deductible starts from $20 and goes up to $175.


Your phone’s make and model will determine the amount of deductible you need to pay. And for that, if you use high-end devices like Samsung’s flagship phones or iPhones, you could end up paying more.

Take a look at our review to learn everything about Boost Mobile insurance including the services offered, costs, and eligibility!


Boost Mobile insurance is available across all states, including Washington, DC.

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How does Boost Mobile insurance work?

Boost Mobile Insurance is a useful service that safeguards you against the financial burden of losing your phone, getting it stolen, or sustaining accidental damage. The service offers coverage against out-of-warranty mechanical or electrical failure, ensuring that your device stays in top condition for as long as possible.

But while Boost Mobile displays phone insurance on its website, it does not directly sell the policies; its phone insurance coverage is underwritten by the Zurich American Insurance Company, while Likewize Device Protection, LLC, administers the insurance.

What does Boost Mobile insurance cover?

Here is what is covered under Boost Mobile phone policy:

  • Cracked screen
  • Lost or theft
  • Liquid damage
  • Out-of-warranty breakdowns


Boost Mobile policy comes in three packages. Depending on your choice of coverage, you can start with the Boost Shield, which offers basic protection, or enroll in the Boost Protect for better protection.

This is how all three plans stack up.

Boost Shield

With Boost Shield, you will never have to worry about your phone getting lost or stolen, having a cracked screen, or being damaged due to liquid. This protection plan guarantees that you will be compensated in such cases. Additionally, the plan includes breakdown coverage for your phone after the warranty period has ended.

The Boost Shield premium is set at $7/month, with a deductible starting at $20 and a maximum of $175. The deductible is typically set at the time of enrollment and remains constant irrespective of changes to the current market price of your phone.

If you are a Boost Shield policyholder, you are only allowed to file no more than two claims in 12 months.

Device price range$0 – $149$150 – $249$250 – $399$400+
Monthly Premium

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Boost Protect

The Boost Protect is an upgrade to the Boost Shield plan. It includes all coverages available in the entry-level plan but gives you more claims allowance in certain areas if you purchase the loss and theft coverage.

Unlike the Boost Shield with a limited claims entitlement, you will get unlimited claims with Boost Protect for screen breaks, liquid damage, and out-of-warranty breakdowns. However, you are only limited to two approved claims for theft or loss in a year.

Boost Protect pricing starts from $3 to $18 per month, with a maximum claim benefit of $1,999.

Device price range$0 -$499$500 -$999$1,000 -$1,499$1,500 -$1,999
Monthly Fee for Loss, Theft, Damage & Malfunction$8$12$15$18
Screen Repair Deductible$29$29$29$29
Out-of-Warranty Malfunction Repair Deductible & others$99$99$99$99
Loss and Theft Deductible$40$149$249$349

Boost Protect – With AppleCare Services

This plan is the same as Boost Protect (pricing, deductible, coverage options, and claims benefit). The slight difference there is that Boost Protect – With AppleCare Services is best suited for Apple devices since it provides more dedicated technical support for iPhones.

For iPhone 12 users and later, you will be charged a deductible of $58 and $29 per incident for claims related to both front and back glass repair. This, however, does not apply to iPhone SE devices!


To qualify for Boost Shield, you need to enroll in the plan within 30 days of purchasing a new phone from Boost Mobile. That being said, you are only allowed to get Boost Shield coverage if you register your phone within the first 30 days of purchasing it from Boost.


Boost Mobile does not offer any form of discount, but you can implement other cost-saving tips, like raising your deductible to help lower your rate.

Boost Mobile insurance reviews

Likewize administers the insurance for Boost Mobile, so we will be directly looking at the reviews of LikeWize since they are the primary insurance providers.

On customer review websites like Trustpilot, Likewize has a 3.9-star rating from over 13,000 reviews, with most users expressing satisfaction with their service. However, some users have complained of receiving old and refurbished phones after filing for a lost phone claim.

Pros and cons


  • Affordable rates
  • Full protection for phones
  • Available in all states


  • Replacement phones can have non-original manufacturer parts and accessories, and some cosmetic flaws.
  • No discounts.
  • Does not directly sell policies.

How to file an insurance claim with Boost Mobile

Filing a claim is very simple and quick with Boost Mobile.

  • Visit the My Phone Guardian website and tap on “Start a Claim”
  • The next screen will request that you input your PIN and mobile device number that was used for your account.
  • After this step, you will now have to provide the details of your claim.
  • Ensure you provide valid evidence to facilitate your claims process.

You can also call a claims representative at 1-844-534-3099 to settle a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can you get insurance on Boost mobile phone after 30 days?

No, after 30 days of phone purchase, you automatically become ineligible to register for insurance coverage on Boost Mobile.

Who is Boost Mobile’s insurance provider?

Likewize Device Protection, LLC administers Boost Mobile insurance program, while Zurich American Insurance Company underwrites the policy.

How to cancel Boost Mobile insurance

To cancel your policy, call 1-844-534-3099 and request a policy cancellation, and their representative will assist you.

Is Boost Mobile insurance worth it?

Insurance has always been a worthwhile investment. Considering the pricing and coverage options, Boost Mobile insurance can be worth it; however, some users have complained of getting old and flawed phone parts as replacements, which can be a bad mark for some. But overall, Boost Mobile insurance is the go-to option if you need full protection for your device against any possible mishap.

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