How to Easily Cancel Cigna Dental Insurance (2024)

Do you want to upend your Cigna Dental Insurance coverage? Probably you must have found a better insurance policy elsewhere and would want to migrate to the company – your best bet will be to completely cancel your current policy before switching to the new one.

Navigating through this process is very easy but challenging if you don’t know the right steps to follow. In that case, I will take you on the quickest and easiest way you can cancel your Cigna Dental insurance.

Before I take you through the process, it is worth noting that Cigna still offers one of the best and most affordable dental insurance plans tailored to each individual’s different needs. Their plans typically start from around $1 a day.

With dental services to more than 17 million customers, Cigna holds one of the largest PPO dental networks in the US. Its individual dental plans are sold across all 50 states including the District of Columbia.

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How to cancel Cigna Dental Insurance?

Cigna allows customers to cancel their policy at any time, by either reaching out to their customer care via phone or by sending a correspondence to Cigna Dental. Cigna provides different cancellation methods for members who are billed individually or members who are billed through a group.

I shall discuss these methods seriatim.

How to cancel Cigna Dental Insurance for members billed Individually

Customers billed individually can cancel at any time by calling Cigna customer care at 1-877-521-0244. You will be hooked up with a customer care representative. There you can request a cancellation of your current coverage.

Keep in mind that basic details about you like personal info and policy information will be required to help facilitate your request.

Alternatively, you can cancel your individual membership with Cigna by sending the company a correspondence, requesting a cancellation of your membership. The company provides a correspondence address to enable you to reach out to them.

Here is the address for that:

Cigna Dental, 8100 S.W.
10th Street, Suite 2000,
Plantation, FL 33324.
Attn: Operations.

After receiving your message, you will be kept in the loop regarding any new updates or changes until your request is granted.

How to cancel Cigna Dental Insurance for members billed through a group

If you are billed through a group, you can simply deactivate your policy by contacting your employer so they can cancel your membership for you.

Can I get a reimbursement for canceling my membership?

Yes, within the first 30 days of canceling after the date of your enrollment, you will receive reimbursement of all periodic charges.

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What to take note of before canceling your Cigna Dental Insurance

  • Timing: One important thing to consider even before you cancel your policy is timing. If you intend to migrate to a new provider, make sure your new coverage is in effect before canceling your old policy to avoid gaps in coverage.
  • Consider Future Reapplication: Did you cancel your insurance policy with Cigna dental coverage because of temporary situations? Don’t forget that you could always want to reapply for coverage again, depending on how the situation turns out for you.
  • Keep Documentation: After canceling your policy, it is important to keep copies of all your correspondence related to the cancellation, including emails, letters, and everything involved.

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Can I cancel my Cigna Dental Insurance Online?

No, you cannot cancel, your Cigna Dental insurance online. But you can do that by either calling your customer care representative or sending a correspondence if you are billed individually, and for those billed through a group, you can only cancel by contacting your employer.

Dental insurance plans offered by Cigna

Cigna has three dental insurance plans which are Low Deductible Plans, High Annual Maximum Plans, and Bundled Plans.

1: Low Deductible Plans: These plans provide low-cost coverage for you and your family, and have an average monthly premium of as low as $20. Some details about the plan include:

  • $0-$50 deductibles
  • Up to $1,500 in benefits
  • $0 dental check-ups, including cleanings and routine x-rays
  • Orthodontia available on select plans

The Low Deductible Plans are categorized into:

2: High Annual Maximum Plans: These plans have more robust coverage and higher benefits, with monthly premiums as low as $24. Some details about the plan include:

  • $100-$250 deductibles
  • Up to $5,000 in benefits
  • $0 dental check-ups, after deductible, including cleanings and routine x-rays
  • Ability to see any dentist you’d like

The High Annual Maximum plans are categorized into:

3: Bundled Plans: These plans offer dental plus coverage for vision, or vision, and hearing. The average premium is as low as $32. Some details about the plan include:

  • $50-$100 deductibles
  • Up to $2,500 in dental benefits
  • Up to $300 in vision benefits
  • Up to $700 in hearing benefits
  • Dental implants available on select plans
  • See any dentist you’d like

Bundled Plans are categorized into:

In Conclusion

That’s all you need to know on canceling your individual or group Cigna dental insurance plan I hope this guide helps in solving your challenge.

In addition, before taking the step, make sure your new insurance coverage is already active to avoid any unforeseen loss or risk that might occur in between that period. Finally, remember to keep important documents after terminating your insurance coverage.