NRMA Pet Insurance (Pet Plus & Pet Lovers Pack) Review 2024

National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) is a household name in Australia for roadside assistance, including home, car, and previously life insurance.


But how about pet insurance? Well, NRMA doesn’t offer standalone pet insurance policies which should include comprehensive pet coverage for your dogs or cats. So how does NRMA pet insurance work?

This we will explain in more detail below.


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How does NRMA pet insurance work?

NRMA’s pet insurance doesn’t come standalone, but instead as an addon via its roadside assistance policy or optional cover as part of your home insurance policy.

This means that if you are an NRMA member with an active roadside assistance subscription or have an existing home insurance policy, you can include the NRMA Pet Plus or Pet Lovers Pack as an add-on to your policy.

The Pet Plus cover is available in NRMA’s roadside assistance policy which will take care of the transportation and accommodation cost of your animals when you have an accident or vehicle breakdown.

If you have NRMA home insurance, you can include the Pet Plus Pack as an optional cover to fend for the costs of your pets if they get injured in an accident at home.

Note that NRMA Pet Plus will not cover the cost arising from accidents like fractures or cuts, including illness to your pet, prescription medications, and even diagnostic tests!

NRMA Pet Plus coverage

These are the benefits you can expect to receive from a claim in NRMA Pet Plus and Pet Lovers Pack add-on insurance:

Pet Plus benefits:

  • Maximum claims benefit up to $200 per incident for pet transport. This benefit makes sure your pet is transported to any destination of your choice when traveling locally or interstate
  • Up to $160 per accommodation and a maximum of $500 for each incident. This coverage will ensure your pets are well taken care of and accommodated for each night of your pet’s stay.
  • Coverage up to $1,000 for long distance transport per incident if over 100km from home.
  • Coverage includes dogs and cats only. Other four-legged animals are not included in this plan.
  • You can gain access to a nationwide network of veterinarians and pet service providers as and when necessary.
  • Pet tags with a unique identification number that allows anyone to report your lost pet to NRMA without the need for a microchip scanner.

Pet Lovers Pack benefits:

  • Up to $2,000 for veterinary in the event your pets are hurt due to a covered accident in your home.
  • Includes boarding costs if your pets cannot live in your home due to a listed event in your home insurance.
  • Protection against damage to your home or properties by your pet.

How to get NRMA Pet insurance coverage

To receive cover for your pet, you must first enroll either on the NRMA roadside assistance or home insurance policy. After this, you can then proceed with adding the respective pet coverages to your policy.

NRMA roadside assistance typically cost only $10.99 a month, where you can save $32 on your first year’s membership when you purchase the essential level of cover, with no applicable fees for joining the membership.

Visit the NRMA roadside assistance page online to get a Pet Plus quote. For the Pet Lovers Pack, visit the NRMA home and contents insurance page to enroll for a homeowners policy.

NRMA pet insurance contact

If you need more details about NRMA pet insurance, you can talk to a customer representative at 13 11 22 to find out more about their optional pet policy.

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What to know

It is important to know that both (Pet Plus and Pet Lovers Pack) are additional or optional coverages that can only be benefitted from when you purchase their respective policies. You won’t be entitled to full pet cover for your cat or dog.

However, if you need comprehensive pet insurance, you can shop around from standalone pet insurance companies.