Sure Renters Insurance Review 2024

Sure Renters Insurance review

Renting a home or apartment can offer you the flexibility and convenience you want, but when something goes wrong, getting the right renter insurance protects you from damage to your personal belongings and against injuries caused to visitors while in your rented residence like slips or falls and many more.

If you are considering buying Sure renters insurance, we will provide you with all you need to know including what it covers, why you need a renters insurance, and if it has the right policy for you.

About Sure Insurance

Sure is a newly formed insurance provider that currently offers renters, small business, baggage, and rental car insurance. The company has been in the industry since 2016 and is available in most states in the US.

What does Sure renters insurance cover?

Sure provides comprehensive coverage for most of your rental needs. Their renters’ insurance policy is backed by Assurant, Inc. a global provider of risk management products and services with headquarters in Atlanta.

Here are the coverage details for Sure renters insurance:

Personal Property

Sure renters policy gives you coverage for your personal belongings like electronics, clothing, furniture, and many others. If in the event of theft, loss, or damage to these items, Sure personal property policy will kick in and protect you from the peril anywhere in the world.

Personal Liability

In the event of bodily injury or damage to someone else’s property for which you are legally liable, like your dog biting someone, or you accidentally start a fire that damages a neighbor’s property, Sure renters’ personal liability coverage will protect you from the expenses and any other settlement costs that will be incurred from the damage.

Interstingly, Sure is offering this coverage without a deductible.

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Sewage or Drain Backup

If there’s damage or flooding caused by the backup of sewage, drains, or sump pumps into your rented dwelling or personal property, this addon coverage by Sure will protect you from the event and re-reimburse you for the cost of repairing or replacing those damaged items.

Loss of Use

In situations where you are unable to live in your rental unit after a covered loss typically from increased living expenses, Sure’s Loss of Use coverage is there to help you cover the additional costs that may have been incurred from the damage.

Replacement Costs

Sure renters policy coverage also includes replacement costs in situations where your personal property is damaged by a covered peril. Sure we will pay to replace the item without deduction for depreciation since it was purchased.

Identity Fraud

Most standard renters insurance policies do not typically cover Identity Fraud, but with Sure, you can get Identity Fraud coverage for your rental policy. This add-on or endorsement will help you cover the cost and time it takes to restore your identity.

Sure renters insurance cost

The cost of Sure renters policy varies by coverage limit. The basic cost of Sure renters policy starts for as low as $11/month.

You can get a quote today to get the full cost of their renters’ policy.

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Why would you need renters insurance?

  • Your belongings are stolen, damaged, or destroyed
  • Someone is injured on your property or you accidentally damage someone else’s property
  • You are unable to live in your rental, due to unlivable costs or increased expenses.


Sure doesn’t advertise any policy discounts. But you can expect to get one if you bundle policies like rental car and renters, and also have a claims-free history.

Sure insurance ratings and consumer complaints

Sure has received mixed reviews from users. It has a 4.0 rating on Trustpilot from 447 reviews. While some users hailed Sure for smooth services rendered, some complained of being charged even after canceling coverage.

I was required to get renters insurance through this company. I only have a year lease. I declined coverage for the upcoming year but I was still charged.

I have called and requested a refund. I was told to call Assurant in which I did and cancelled. I was told I would receive a refund in 10 business days. It’s been over 20 and I still have yet to receive the refund. Whenever I call Sure, they do not have anyone available to help. They say they will have someone call me back but never do. If you can, please avoid getting insurance through them!! I feel like I’m being scammed
“, a user said.

How to sign up with Sure renters insurance

It is pretty simple to enroll for a renters policy on Sure. Interestingly, Sure makes everything clear before you get a quote. Visit their website today to get an instant quote. Or call an agent at (844) 335-5441.

Which Sure renters insurance plan is best for me?

Sure renters insurance does not provide different levels of coverage, so the best policy to suit your needs will depend on your specific individual needs like the types of risks that you are most concerned about.

What isn’t covered by Sure renters insurance?

Well, Sure renters insurance will mostly not cover losses from activities that are operated outside the rental apartment. Also, losses resulting from deliberate acts from you or guests may also not be covered.

Pros and Cons of Sure renters insurance


  • Affordability: Plans start as low as $11/month
  • Customizable coverage: Sure gives flexibility in customizing coverage to fit every need and budget


  • Inconsistent claims process.
  • Few discounts
  • Limited coverage options

Is Sure renters insurance worth it?

Sure offers standard rental coverage policies along with add-ons which most standard renters insurance providers do not offer.

Their policies are priced at a reasonable level while allowing you to get an instant quote. With Sure, renters can manage their policy in one place.

How to file a claim

Simply go to the Claims page on their website and click the “Submit a Claim” button. From there you will be guided through a short process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sure have a mobile app?

Yes, policyholders can either sign up for a quote on the Sure website or via The Sure app.

How do I know what my policy covers?

Sure provides a summary of your coverage and a sample policy to you when you sign up and when you pay. After payments, your final policy will be immediately sent to you via email.

Where can you buy Sure renters insurance?

You can buy Sure Renters policy online via the website or their mobile app.

What payment methods does SURE accept?

Sure currently accepts all major credit card & debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover through the SURE app. Several platform-specific payment methods like Apple Pay are also supported.

Can I customize my coverage?

Yes, you can customize or edit your coverage, and policy settings, like the start dates of the policy, deductibles, and lots more.

How do you calculate my premium?

Sure renters insurance premiums are calculated differently for each policyholder. These are based on several factors which include your credit history, recent claims, and information about you or your property, business, etc.

Is Sure renters insurance available in my area?

Sure is available in all 50 states and internationally on Android, iPhone, and the web.

Can I use SURE if I’m under 18?

No, SURE is only available for customers 18 years and older.

What is Sure customer service phone number?

Sure renters insurance phone number is 1-844-335-5441.

What other policies does sure offer?

Besides renters insurance, Sure also offers Landlord Protection, Small Business Insurance, Fine Art Insurance, Collectibles Insurance, Jewelry & Watch Insurance, Small Business Insurance, Flight Insurance and, Wedding Insurance.

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