The Standard Fire Insurance Company Review 2024

The Standard Fire insurance company
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    The Standard Fire Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the Travelers Companies, Inc., one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

    The company underwrites commercial property insurance, commercial liability insurance, and personal lines insurance. It is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut.

    The Standard Fire Insurance Coverage

    1. Homeowners Insurance:
      • Dwelling Coverage: Protects the physical structure of your home, including the roof, walls, and foundation.
      • Personal Property Coverage: Covers your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, and clothing.
      • Liability Coverage: Provides protection in case you are held responsible for injuries or property damage to others.
    2. Renters Insurance:
      • Personal Property Coverage: Safeguards your personal belongings, including clothing, electronics, and furniture.
      • Liability Coverage: Offers protection if you are liable for accidents or damage within your rented property.
    3. Condo Insurance:
      • Dwelling Coverage: This covers the structural elements of your condominium unit.
      • Personal Property Coverage: Protects your personal belongings.
      • Liability Coverage: Provides liability protection for incidents within your unit.
    4. Landlord Insurance:
      • Dwelling Coverage: Insures the physical structure of the rental property.
      • Loss of Rental Income: Offers coverage for lost rental income due to covered damages.
      • Liability Coverage: Protects landlords from liability claims.
    5. Commercial Property Insurance:
      • Building Coverage: Safeguards commercial property, including buildings and structures.
      • Business Personal Property: Covers business assets like equipment, inventory, and furnishings.
      • Business Interruption: Provides coverage for income loss due to property damage.
      • Liability Coverage: Protects against liability claims related to the business.
    6. Flood Insurance:
      • Provides protection against damage caused by flooding, a peril typically not covered by standard homeowners or commercial property policies.
    7. Personal Umbrella Insurance:
      • Offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your primary policies, providing extra protection in case of large liability claims or lawsuits.
    8. Other Specialized Coverages:
      • The Standard Fire Insurance Company may also offer additional specialized coverages, such as valuable items insurance, identity theft protection, and more.

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    The Standard Fire Insurance Company claims phone number

    The claims phone number for Standard Fire Insurance is 866-890-1789.

    Company address

     The company address is One Tower Square Hartford, Connecticut 06183.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is the Standard Fire Insurance Company the same as the Travelers?

    No, however, the Standard Fire Insurance is a subsidiary of the Travelers Companies, Inc.

    What types of insurance does The Standard Fire Insurance Company offer?

    The company offers a range of insurance products, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, commercial property insurance, and more.

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