Southern Cross Pet Insurance Review NZ (2023)

While the love we give to our pets is unmeasurable, so too can be the potential vet bills.


Southern Cross pet insurance policies are completely customizable on its comprehensive plan. You can set your coverage limits from as little as $2,500 to a maximum of $15,000.

For customers seeking to save more on pet insurance, they also offer a good number of discounts to customers who enroll for a pet insurance policy with them.


This includes adding other pets to your policy, paying by direct debit, or enrolling as a member of the Health Society.

In addition, pet owners or pet shop owners can get up to six weeks of free cover on pets aged 6 to 26 weeks old.

Take a look at our review on Southern Cross pet insurance as we explain everything about the products on offer, including their extras and discounts!

About Southern Cross Pet Insurance

As a partner with the New Zealand Veterinary Association and Pet Refuge, the health of more than 64,000 pets was secured by Southern Cross for New Zealand families in 2022 alone.

According to its website, it has paid over $25 million on pet insurance claims within 7 days of receiving them.

Southern Cross also provides health, life, and travel insurance to New Zealanders.

What type of pets does Southern Cross cover?

Southern Cross only covers cats and dogs on its pet insurance policy; with no coverage available for other types of pets.

What does Southern Cross pet insurance cover?

Southern Cross makes its pet insurance options simple. They only offer two types of pet cover for your dogs and cats, which are grouped into PetCare and AcciPet.


PetCare is the highest level of coverage available on the Southern Cross pet policy.

This comprehensive plan provides cover to your pets from accidental injuries, illness, inherited conditions like hip dysplasia, and also includes vaccinations and check-ups. You can get up to $25 for each vaccination and check-up on your pet per year.

Coverage for accidental injuries and illness is packed in four variants: BlueRibbon, GoldRibbon, SilverRibbon, and BronzeRibbon. All of these come with different benefit limits.

  • BlueRibbon – up to $15,000 benefit limit
  • GoldRibbon – up to $10,000 benefit limit
  • SilverRibbon – up to $5,000 benefit limit
  • BronzeRibbon – up to 2,500 benefit limit

Each variant is based on the limit of coverage you choose and will receive coverage up to that amount per year.

Customers can save more on PetCare by choosing a 20% co-payment which allows them to pay only 20% of the cost out of pocket for vet expenses while the company will cover the remaining cost.

Optional Extras

Optional extras are also available, which include day-to-day care and dental care.

For day-to-day care extra, policyholders can receive claim benefits up to $300 and a maximum of $75 for each specific type of treatment covered in the day-to-day care extra cover.

Dental care extra also includes a $300 reimbursement, but with a mandatory 20% co-payment.

Here are the covered or qualifying treatments in each extra cover.

Day-to-day care

  • De-sexing
  • Flea/tick/worm control
  • microchipping
  • Dew claw removal
  • Prescription foods
  • Vaccinations and health check-ups
  • Cremation and burial

Dental care

  • Abscesses
  • Gingivitis
  • Scale and polish
  • Removal of teeth if medically necessary due to:
  • Cavities and tooth fracture
  • Dental disease from infection
  • Retained deciduous teeth

PetCare Eligibility

To be eligible for PetCare comprehensive insurance, your pets must be between 8 weeks and 6 years old.

Pets aged 7 and above will not be eligible for accidental injury and illness cover, except if the pet has had a continuous and uninterrupted history of coverage with the company.

PetCare policy exclusions

Here are some exclusions to this policy:

  • Pre-existing conditions; including cosmetic treatment, congenital conditions.
  • Breeding or obstetric conditions.
  • Behavioral or psychological conditions, including but not limited to joint replacements and organ transplant surgery.
  • Euthanasia attributable to any pandemic disease
  • Complications from non-qualifying treatment.
  • Injuries caused to or by your pet due to fighting with other animals before the policy kicks in.

Refer to your policy document to get full details of what is excluded from this coverage.


AcciPet is a cheap pet solution made for sudden unpleasant mishaps. This option is handy against accidental injuries alone, with a maximum benefit limit of up to $5,000 per year.

AcciPet will not provide illness cover, routine checkups, or any form of vet care for your pet except for injuries sustained from an accident.

Extras are not available in this option, but you can get cover for your pet if it develops a chronic condition during the policy period. The maximum benefit you can receive for this is the associated benefit limit that is applicable to the policy.

AcciPet Eligibility

Pets from 8 weeks of age and above are eligible for enrollment in AcciPet.

PetCare policy exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Illness
  • Organ transplant surgery

Refer to your policy document to get full details of what is excluded from this coverage.

FreeCover for puppies and kittens

If you own puppies and kittens aged 6 to 26 weeks old, you can enroll them on Southern Cross FreeCover, where they can get up to 6 weeks of free insurance coverage from vet bills.

The most they pay out for this option is $2,000.

Note that a $100 excess is applied for each separate health condition for which a claim is made.

FreeCover is a great and budget-friendly way to get a pet insurance policy before switching to comprehensive coverage.


Southern Cross offers a variety of ways to save on pet insurance. These include:

  • Addition pet discounts: You can get 5% off your premium for each additional pet that is included in your policy.
  • Direct debit discount: If you pay your premiums through direct debit, which is an automatic withdrawal from your bank account, you will get 2.5% off.
  • Health Society member discount: If you have purchased health insurance from Southern Cross Health Society, you will also get 2.5% off.
  • FreeCover: Enjoy up to six weeks of free pet insurance when you apply for Southern Cross FreeCover.

Southern Cross Pet reviews and ratings

Southern Cross is one of the largest pet insurance providers in New Zealand. The company has been providing pet care for Kiwi families for many years.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance Limited has an A (Strong) financial
strength rating given by Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Limited.

Based on this, we can suggest the company has the financial ability to pay for claims and also offer essential pet services.

User Experience

The Southern Cross website makes it easy for you to navigate around, check policy details, lodge claims, and manage all your account activities.

Pros and Cons


  • Massive discounts
  • Customizable options
  • Coverage for inherited conditions
  • Fast claims payout


  • Pets must be 8 weeks to 6 years old to be eligible for PetCare comprehensive plan
  • Only one accidental injury cover option with a single benefit limit is available in the AcciPet plan

How to get a pet insurance quote from Southern Cross?

Getting a quote from Southern Cross is super fast. Simply visit the website here to purchase a policy.

Is Southern Cross pet insurance right for you?

If you are looking to save more on pet insurance, and also get full customizable coverage for your pets, then Southern Cross pet insurance may be a good choice.

Southern Cross pet insurance claim- how to make a claim

Lodging a claim with Southern Cross is easy and fast. This can be done directly on the website, or by downloading and completing a pet insurance claim form.

Make sure you have ready your details, pet name, and policy number.

To begin with the claim process on the website, visit the website here.

  • Hover to, and click the Make a claim tab at the top bar of the site.
  • You will be asked the type of cover that you hold in which you want to make a claim.
  • Choose the applicable one and proceed with the subsequent instructions.

Alternatively, you can lodge a claim via post.

To do this, download and complete a pet insurance claim form with supporting documents to the following address:

Southern Cross Pet Insurance
Private Bag 3240
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240
Freepost Authority 240536

You can download the PDF claims form here.

Keep in mind that forms submitted using posts can take longer to process!

How to contact Southern Cross

You can reach out to a Southern Cross customer care team on 0800 800 836 from Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does Southern Cross pet insurance still have promo codes?

As of 2023, Southern Cross no longer offers promotional codes on its pet insurance.

The promo code SCHSKITTY22 which was available for current Southern Cross Health Society members applying for a new SCPI PetCare policy is no longer valid as it expired on April 2022.

What is the stand down period for pet insurance with Southern Cross?

If you have a PetCare policy, the following stand down period will apply:

  • 21 days for illness cover
  • 90 days for cruciate ligament and patella luxation cover
  • 90 days for dental care extra

For AcciPet policyholders, a 90 day stand down period for cruciate ligament and patella luxation cover applies.

Can I cancel my pet insurance at any time?

Yes, you can choose to cancel your policy anytime. There is also a 14 day cooling-off period to review the terms of the policy after purchase. And if you decide against continuing with the coverage you will receive a full refund.

You must notify or call the company to cancel your policy.

Who underwrites Southern Cross pet insurance?

Southern Cross Pet Insurance is underwritten by Southern Cross Pet Insurance Limited.