OpenHouse Home Insurance Review 2024: Pros & Cons

OpenHouse Insurance Review 2023

OpenHouse Home Insurance is a digital insurance company that focuses solely on selling home insurance policies to homeowners in Florida. The company is relatively new and began operation in 2018 but is backed by First Protective Insurance Company which has been providing homeowners insurance for over 20 years.

OpenHouse Insurance is suitable for people looking to build a home insurance policy that’s right for them and their home. They offer customizable plans that allow you to personalize the proper coverage you only need. Their policies are clearly explained so you can make the right choice before buying a quote.

In addition, you can obtain quotes in a few minutes from Openhouse either through their Android/iOS mobile app or website.

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OpenHouse home Insurance coverage

You can customize your homeowner’s policy to meet your unique needs and budget. Here’s what their basic homeowners insurance policy covers:

Personal Liability

As a core part of every homeowners insurance policy, OpenHouse personal liability coverage will help cover the medical costs, legal fees, or any type of damages resulting from a car accident where you injured someone or damaged their property.

Irrespective of the location where the event occurred their personal liability coverage will still kick in.

Personal Injury

This coverage can help protect you if you unintentionally harm someone’s reputation or privacy, like defamation, psychological damage, and invasion of privacy.

For example, if you accidentally make false statements about a colleague that damage their reputation, and they sue you for defamation (saying something false that harms their reputation), OpenHouse Personal Injury insurance can help you cover the legal costs and any damages you might have to pay to the colleague.

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Medical payments to others

If you do have guests on your property, accidents can happen anytime. If they get injured in your home, this coverage can help you pay for any costs of their treatments.

Sudden & accidental loss due to water

If a burst pipe or washing machine leakage damages your home or belongings. This coverage will provide compensation for you.

Keep in mind that, this does not include flooding from a rising body of water, hurricane, or even water backup. Water backup coverage only applies if you include it in your policy.

Mold & fungi

If your home suffers from fungus, mold, or rot due to covered loss in your policy, this coverage can help pay for the testing, removal, and repairs.

Water backup

Protect your home and belongings from water damage caused by backed-up pipes or sewer systems with this coverage. As stated above, this policy is an add-on, and will only apply if it’s added to your policy.

Temporary living expenses

If your home is damaged and you can’t live in it, this coverage helps pay for your necessary extra expenses while you live somewhere else.

Ordinance protection

This coverage helps pay for the extra costs you may have when rebuilding or repairing your property after damage. It specifically covers costs that arise due to new building codes or laws. This means you won’t have to pay extra to make sure your property meets new requirements.

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Additional coverages you can choose to include with your OpenHouse Home Insurance policy

  • Animal Liability: Helps protect you if your pet or animal unintentionally causes harm or injury to other people or their property. This insurance policy excludes certain dog breeds that have a higher risk of causing injury.
  • Screened Enclosure for Hurricane: This insurance can assist with repair or replacement expenses for a screened enclosure affected by a hurricane.
  • Additional Valuable Items: Covers for jewelry, art, instruments, antiques, camera equipment, expensive collections, or any other extra valuable items.
  • Homeowners Association Assessment: If your home is within HOA and an injury occurs in the area you can share responsibility for the damage fees. OPenHouse HOA policy can help cover the fees.
  • Golf Cart Coverage for Damage & Liability: This add-on coverage protects against damage, theft, fire, weather, bodily injury, pain and suffering, and property damage.


Some insurance companies usually provide discounts when you bundle policies like homeowners and auto insurance. OpenHouse only provides homeowners insurance and so does not offer discounts through bundling policies.

Aside from bundling policies for discounts, OpenHouse does not publicly advertise any discounts. But you can get rewarded for smart life choices, like owning a pet or donating blood through their Earn smart savings.

Consumer complaints

OpenHouse has received mixed reviews from policyholders. Some users have complained of rude and aggressive adjusters and poor claims process. At the same time, some have praised the company for its quick and cheap insurance quote.

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Consumer experience

Website: OpenHouse website is intuitive to navigate, and mobile responsive. All basic details needed to request a quote are available on the website.

Mobile app: Openhouse also provides a mobile app for both Android and iPhone that you can access its services and obtain quotes in minutes.

Cost of OpenHouse homeowners insurance

In Florida, the average cost of homeowners insurance is $2,547 per year. You can get the real cost of your policy by talking to an agent.

How to request a quote on OpenHouse

You can get an instant quote by submitting your details on their website or get more help on policy details by sending an email to

How to file a claim

You can file an OpenHouse claim online, by calling your agent or by calling the company at 866-228-1683.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage: Not all insurance companies include ordinance protection in their standard coverage.
  • Instant quotes: You can request and get quotes in minutes.
  • Mobile app. There is a responsive mobile app for all your insurance needs.


  • Limitations on some dog breeds: Dogs known for causing high injury like Pitbull are not included in OpenHouse animal liability coverage.
  • Inconsistent claims process

Is OpenHouse home insurance right for you?

OpenHouse may be ideal for you if you need standard coverage for only what you want.

It may not be right if you are planning to include add-ons to your policy as this could quickly cause your premium to spike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is OpenHouse insurance legit?

OpenHouse may be a new insurance provider but it is administered by Frontline Insurance Managers, Inc. and underwritten by First Protective Insurance Company which has been offering homeowners insurance since 1998, with over $4 billion paid in claims.

What is OpenHouse home insurance BBB rating?

OpenHouse has an A- BBB rating and accreditation on the BBB website.

Where is OPenHouse located?

OpenHouse is located at 500 International Parkway, Lake Mary, Florida.

Which state is OpenHouse homeowners insurance available?

At the moment, OpenHouse is only available in the state of Florida, and in selected counties. You can talk to an agent to find out if it’s available in your county.

Does my policy cover floods and earthquakes?

OpenHouse standard homeowners policy does not cover damages from floods and earthquakes. You will need to purchase this separately.

Does OpenHouse offer insurance for investment properties or vacation homes?

No, owner-occupied, single-family homes used as primary residences are only available for coverage.

Does OpenHouse offer other types of insurance?

OpenHouse only sells homeowners insurance at the moment.

What is OpenHouse Smart deductible?

OpenHouse Smart Deductible is a program that rewards you with increasing cash back on your hurricane deductible. If you make a hurricane claim that matches or exceeds your deductible in the first year of your OpenHouse insurance, you will be offered up to 5% cashback.

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