6 Best Car Insurance in WA Ranked (2024)

Best car insurance in WA

Owning and driving a car in Western Australia can be an exciting experience, but driving through the densely populated and busy roads in some cities like Perth and Bunbury can cause drivers to become more vulnerable to accidents and other unforeseen risks. Since the vast majority live in the¬†southwestern part of the state and a … Read more

ShoreOne Insurance Review 2024 (Combined Home & Flood Policy)

ShoreOne Insurance review

ShoreOne Insurance was created to address the failure of most insurance carriers to provide flood coverage. To get flood insurance, homeowners may have to separately purchase the policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or other private providers. ShoreOne is now offering a combined home insurance and flood policy to homeowners, which will make … Read more

Loggerhead Insurance Review 2024 (For Floridians)

Loggerhead insurance review

Floridian homeowners who have seen their home insurance policy canceled or refused to be renewed by Progressive can now find a readily available alternative with Loggerhead. As a new startup founded in 2022 with the goal of providing sustainable and effective policies for homeowners, Loggerhead Insurance is now providing a replacement offer for some Progressive … Read more

Bridger Insurance Review: Pros and Cons (2024)

Bridger insurance review

Bridger Insurance is a new California-based company that provides car insurance quotes by connecting drivers to thousands of independent agent partners who can assist them in getting a policy for their vehicle. Bridger does not write car policies in the states where it operates, but can help you get a quote according to your coverage … Read more

Onward Insurance Review (2024): Get Car Insurance

Onward Insurance review

Onward Insurance is a new name in the auto insurance market that provides affordable car insurance policies to residents of California. Since the company is relatively new, only minimal information can be found about them online. Also, when it comes to coverage details, the company may not actually be the best, with only a few … Read more

Guardian Vision Insurance Review (2024)

Guardian vison insurance review

As one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the world, Guardian Life Insurance Company offers life insurance among other policies, including vision insurance. Guardian vision insurance provides extensive coverage for your routine eye care services, like routine annual eye exams, eye surgery, and prescription eyewear. Their eye policy comes in three plans: Standard, … Read more

Midvale Insurance Review: Auto And Home (2024)

Midvale insurance review

Midvale Insurance is a member company of the Homesite Insurance Group, which is backed by American Family. Unlike its member company, which has several insurance products, Midvale focuses on offering a few, which are auto and home insurance. The company is direct about what it offers and makes the policy process easy for customers. However, … Read more

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Review (2024)

Physicians Mutual dental insurance review

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1920 and at first focused on offering health insurance to medical professionals. However, over time, the company expanded its offerings to include other insurance products. This now includes term life insurance, whole life insurance, Medigap, Medicare, dental insurance, and pet insurance. So if you are shopping for dental … Read more